Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Common Types of Valves

FC gate valve
 The device that has control over the flow and regulation of any fluid is known as valve. The function of re-direction or/and controlling fluid is done by closing, opening or partially opening/closing the passageway. Most of the valves function this way, however there are few others that function differently, like the thermostatic re-circulating valve. Following are some of the commonly used valves in today’s industry.

Categories of Valves

They basic type of valves fall into two categories;

*      Check valves and

*      Close valves.

As the name suggests, they have only two functions, to open and close the flow of the fluid. Though it may seem like an easy task, the designs are quite complicated. This is why you have to depend on models like FC gate valves for long lasting and quality products.  The list of such valves is comprised below.

Choke Valve: This type of valve is used where high pressure is required, like that in oil wellheads. The function of a choke valve is to control the flow of fluid; the flow depends on how wide the valve is opened. In oil industries, choke valves are generally made of tungsten carbide or inconel.

Gate Valve: Gate valve is used in almost every industry. As the name suggests, gate valve is closed either by a gate or a rectangular wedge. This type of valve is useful only where flow in a straight line is expected. For throttling purposes this gate valve is not the type. FC gate valve is the most common model of gate valves used now a days. Though FC is a model, wellhead equipment manufacturers design different variations of FC style gate valves. Like for example, renowned manufacturers like Integrated Equipment design FC style gate valves that are made with forged body and slab-gate.

Diaphragm Valve: Diaphragm valves, also known as membrane valves are made up of a diaphragm, ports and saddle. Diaphragm valve is used in bio-pharmaceutical companies, for the corrosive and dirty service purposes.

Knife Valve: Knife valve is often confused with FC gate valve; however both are different, as knife valve is denser than gate valve. The purpose of both valves is also different. Knife valve is used for slurry handling whereas gate valve is used for straight flow purpose.

Poppet Valve: Poppet or mushroom valve is used generally in automobile industry, in internal-combustion engines to be precise. Mushroom valve can also be used for controlling the flow of fluids like milk.

The above mentioned were some of the most common types of valves, there are many more. Whichever type of valve you use or modify, make sure to buy it from reliable manufacturers like Integrated Equipment which designs all components of Wellhead equipment ranging from FC gate valves to tubing heads and spools.


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