Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gate Valves and Dampeners: What’s the difference?

Two products that have become necessities in the oil and gas industry are the pulsation dampener and the expanding gate valve. For without these products, oil rigs would not be able to begin or complete oil and gas drilling. The products are both designed to control the flow of oil and gas in the well pipe. But there are significant differences between the two products. One can see the differences below. 
              Expanding Gate Valve: The gate valve is one among many valves available for use in the oil and gas industry. The reason for this is the requirement by the oil rig may change from partial flow, full or no flow. The expanding gate valve is used when there is either a complete, full flow of oil required or no oil at all. The expanding gate valve can come with rising or non rising stem discs. The rising stem is preferred in many cases as it is possible to tell whether the valve is open or closed. Padlocks are sometimes required to lock the gate valve. The non rising stem has an advantage here as it needs requires only one padlock, whereas the rising stem requires two.
                Pulsation dampener: The pulsation dampener controls the flow of fluid in the well pipe. When there are spikes in flow pressure, causing the fluid to flow in short, sharp jerks, the pulsation dampener can be used to the ease the flow pressure and allow the fluid to flow in a smooth manner. Unlike the expanding gate valve, the pulsation dampener is used for various situations.

·         It can be used in a hydraulic system when there is a leakage.
  • It can be used in a hydraulic system when there is a leakage.
  • A hydraulic system can use a pulsation dampener as an energy storage device.
  • If they are installed near the valves, the dampeners can also absorb surges that take place during sudden shutdowns, when the remaining fluid suddenly rushes back in to the pump.
  • By absorbing the pressure surges, a pulsation dampener can also help to prolong the life of pump components.


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