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Oil field drilling equipment

Oil field drilling wells use the same components or oil field drilling equipment for drilling but, they are configured differently to suit certain wells. Some of the oil field drilling equipments is:

Annular blowout preventer

A blowout preventer (BOP) is a valve which is used to monitor and control oil wells. While drilling the fluid might flow uncontrollably. A blowout preventer is used to stop the uncontrolled flow of fluid. This flow of fluid if uncontrolled can result in a blowout. There are two types of blowout preventers; ram and annular. An annular blowout preventer is placed on number of ram BOP. Annular BOP covers the drill string. It also covers and protects the drill pipe during the drilling process.

Crown block:
 Crown block is a very important component of the drilling rig. Crown block is placed at the top of the derrick. It is a set of pulley and is stationary. The blocks which are connected to the pulley are not fixed. These blocks enable to use smaller drilling line. Thus, it can take more weight than what a single string of cable can take.

Stand pipe:
 Stand pipe is placed at side of the derrick. There is a discharge line which travels from the mud pump to the rotary hose. Mud is pumped through this discharge line. Stand pipe joins this discharge line.

Drill pipe:
Drill pipe is a hollow pipe made of steel and it is used in drilling rigs. Fluid is pumped through the drill pipe.
Draw works:
 Draw works reels in and out the drilling line in a controlled way. Drilling line is a rope which is large in diameter.
Integrated Equipment manufactures oil field drilling equipments like pulsation dampener; well head equipment, annual blowout preventers.  Integrated Equipment has a research and development department that consistently works towards improving product designs and manufacturing processes.


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Thanks for the post. Are these all pieces of equipment used by oil field services? They look super complicated!

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I was searching these equipment which you have posted. I like your blog. Here you have provided different types of Oil Drilling Equipment with short description. please share more information on this topic.

gareth batty said...

A system comprising a piece of oilfield equipment, an identifier assembly and a reader. The piece of oilfield equipment has an exterior surface. The identifier assembly comprises an identification tag storing a unique identifier. The identification tag is capable of outputting a signal indicative of the unique identifier. The identification tag is mounted to the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment beyond an external surface perimeter of the piece of oilfield equipment such that the identification tag is isolated from the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment. The reader has an antenna receiving the signal indicative of the unique identifier from the identification tag.

thanks a lot for sharing
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