Sunday, 17 June 2012

Integrating technologies

In the drilling process, the pressure at the surface is controlled by a Blowout Preventer. But, when the pressure is not controlled by the Blowout Preventer, Wellhead equipment, and casings, a blowout might occur.
Tubing heads and spools are one of the Wellhead equipments manufactured by Integrated Equipment:
Tubing heads and spools:
The Integrated Equipment tubing head and tubing spool bowl is designed in a straight bowl form. This form is acceptable in the popular range of the industry standard tubing hanger designs. All Integrated Equipment products are designed keeping in mind that the key parts are interchangeable with similar components in popular OEM brands. This has been the design philosophy at Integrated. Wraps around hangers, extended neck hangers and mandrel hangers are included in these hangers.
As a design standard tubing spools are equipped with API studded outlets.
Top connections
All IE-TCM tubing spools are designed with an entire set of ET style lockdown screws for the tubing hanger retention as specified by API – 6A.
Bottom preparations
The entire range of tubing spools manufactured by Integrated Equipment, are designed to receive a standard PE secondary seal.
The features of C 22 casing hanger are:
·         It fits to all C-22 and C-29 casing heads and spools.
·         Only 50,000 to 60,000 casing load is needed to energize the annular seal
·         Provides automatic pack off sealing
·         Has interlocking strips
·         Hanger can be lowered through BOP
The other Wellhead Equipments manufactured by Integrated Equipments are:
·         Tubing Head Adapter
·         Studded tees and crosses
·         X-mas Tree Caps
·         Expanding Gate Valves
·         FC type Gate Valves
At Integrated Research and Development is of prime importance. The engineering, design and manufacturing team at Integrated work towards improving the product designs and manufacturing process. Efforts by the R & D departments have resulted in an increase in efficiency and reduction in the rejection rates. It is a constant endeavor at Integrated to integrate technologies to provide competitive offering of products to the end client.


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