Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Expanding Gate Valves

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A valve is equipment that is utilized in a household as well as in a large industry; the types of valves obviously differ as per requirement. The basic function of a valve is to either check or control the flow of a fluid. There is also pressure-check valve which has a different function altogether. One may wonder why different types of valves are designed for such an incomplex task. It is because different types of flows like partial flow, full flow or no flow are required by industries. Valve types like the gate valve are suitable only where full or no flow is needed, for throttle purposes a gate valve is of no use. Gate valves are best suited for industrial usage where high flow, for a prolonged time is required.

A gate valve is generally classified according to its parts. Valve trim is the main part of any gate valve. Stem, discs and seat are the sub-parts of a valve trim. Rising stem and non-rising stem are the two types of discs used in a gate valve. Expanding gate valve is available in both types. The mechanism of both rising stem and non-rising stem is easy to understand. In case of a rising stem, the stem (shaft) rises above the handwheel of the gate, when the valve is opened. In case of a non-rising stem design, the stem does not move upward, only the disk moves upward while the stem remains still. Sometimes, two padlocks are needed to lock the expanding gate valve. The advantage of rising stem over non-rising stem is that it is possible to tell the open or close position of the valve with a rising stem. Non-rising stem valve is suited for equipment which do not have enough space for the stem (shaft) to rise. Also, only one padlock is needed to lock a non-rising stem gate valve.

Expanding gate valves manufactured by Integrated Equipment have close machining tolerance which provides a valve that can seal under almost all conditions. Some of the other features provided by our design of expanded gate valves include F-1 seats, valves that provide positive sealing and conform to API 6A. Our expanding gate valves are forged/cast in alloy or stainless steel. We also provide bolted bonnet for easy change out of internal parts.

Along with Expanding gate valve, we, Integrated Equipment also manufacture FC style gate valve. Other wellhead equipment like tubing head and spools, studded tees and crosses, tubing head adapter, X-mas tree components and so on are also manufactured at Integrated Equipment. We can also build custom products for our clients, after all client satisfaction and quality products are our two principle priorities.


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Gate Valves:

The valves which can have a regulating gate like feature they are termed as gate valves. The can regulate the Flow Of Fluids. The Main Function Of the Gate Valve is for on and off control, With low pressure drop.

The Advantages of the Gate Valves:

1.The Gate Valves are Bi-Directional.
2.They have Nice Shut-Off Characteristics.
3.There Will be Minimal Or No Pressure Loss through the Gate Valve.

The Some Of The Applications of the Gate Valves:

1. It is Used in Air, Liquid, Gaseous Systems.
2. It is Used in Fire-Protection Systems.
3. It is Used in Steam.
4. It is Used in Lube-Oil.
5. It is Used in Water Distribution Pipelines. Read more

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