Monday, 24 September 2012

Stamp of Approval

API certifications are an imperative to provide value added services to the oil and gas industry.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has been at the forefront of creating standards of excellence for the oil and gas industry. The institute is also responsible for creating the certifications that are provided to oil and gas drilling companies in America.

The main purpose of these certifications is to ensure the safety of the workers, the reliability of the equipment, and environment protection. One of the most important certifications is the API 5CT. This certification highlights the specifications for the casing and tubing hanger components on wellhead equipment. The certification is extremely expensive to obtain as there are strict rules, and a thorough evaluation process is followed before a company is awarded.

Integrated Equipment, one of the leading oil and gas manufacturing equipment companies in America has been awarded many certifications by the API thanks its emphasis on complete excellence in their equipment design, manufacturing and shipping process.

Integrated Equipment is a major distributor of API 5CT and 5L couplings. We stock and distribute API 5CT Tubing and Casing Couplings in various sizes worldwide. Our range consists of 1.315”OD up to 5.00” OD in J55/K55 and N80 and L80 grades. We also distribute API 5L Line Pipe Couplings in 2.00”, 3.00” and 4.00” OD.

The components created by Integrated are used by some of the best companies around the world. There are two types of tubing hanger components that are sold by Integrated:

·         TC-1W Tubing Hangers: The hanger comes with a bowl size of 7-1/16. The Hanger also saw varied tubing sizes ranging from

o   2-3/8

o   2-7/8

o   3-1/2

The following are the features of the TC-1W Hangers:

o   The Hanger consists of a split, wrap around pack off

o   It allows tubing string manipulation so that the hanger can displace fluids while maintaining annular pressure.

o   The Hanger also comes with a compression type seal, which is actuated by lock down screws.

·         TC-1A Tubing Hangers: The TC-1A is also known as the threaded mandrel type hanger. There are many similarities between the TC-1W and the TC-1A Hangers. Both come with bowl sizes of 7-1/16. Both have a variety of tubing sizes ranging from

o   2-3/8

o   2-7/8

o   3-1/2

The TC-1A's features include:

o   It has a compressed seal that is actuated by lock down screws

o   It has an internal Type 'H' BPV Preparation

Integrated Equipment has built an excellent distribution network over the years. Our high quality products, on-time deliveries, and commitment to customer satisfaction help us provide value added services to clients worldwide.


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