Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wellhead equipment – Backbone of Oil Extraction Industry

Wellhead Equipment
Wellhead is the equipment that is mainly used to connect casing to an oil pipeline. Casing strings are a type of oil field pipe. Wellhead equipment provides pressure seals to these pipes. There are several other functions of wellhead equipment such as providing tubing suspension, giving space for tubing, acting as an attachment for blowout preventers and so on. These equipment are generally installed during the first phase. However, it functions even after the wellbore is shut down. As aforementioned, wellhead equipment consists of various components.

Some of the Components of Wellhead Equipment:

a)  Tubing Heads and Spools: Tubing is nothing but a pipe that is used for oil to pass. Unlike casing, it can be removed if required. Tubing spool is that component that is used to hang tubing and also to seal the circular space between the pipe and casing. Integrated Equipment designs standard range of tubing seals in sizes ranging from 9-11 inches.

b) Casing and Tubing Hanger: In lay man’s term, casing hanger is that device which is used to suspend casing from the casing head. Similarly, tubing hanger is the component used to hang tubing from tubing head. There are two main types of casing hangers, i.e. Automatic Casing Hanger (PCHA) and Unitised Casing Hanger (PCHU). Various specifications are available for both. At Integrated Equipment, C22 Casing Hangers are manufactured. These casing hangers can fit any C-22 and C-29 casing head and spool. TC-1W Tubing Hangers, TC-1A Tubing Hangers and TC-1A EN Tubing Hangers are the type of tube hangers designed by Integrated.

c)  Tubing Head Adapter: Tubing head adapter is installed to support the tubing and for connecting Christmas tree to the tubing head flange. B-1 Adapter, B-2 Adapter and B2P-S Adapter are some of the common types of tubing adapters. Integrated manufactures all three types, specifications vary.

d) Expanding Gate Valve: Gate valve is one of the valves that is unlocks and gives way to oil. Some gate valves operate either completely open or completely close. Expanding Gate valve is one of the popular models of gate valves. At Integrated Expanding gate valves ranging from 1-13/16 - 4-1/16 are manufactured.

Very few manufacturers like Integrated Equipment manufacture all these components under one roof. It is convenient to buy all components from the same manufacturer as one can approach them in case of any query or problem.

It is crucial to follow regular maintenance schedules for all wellhead equipment as ignorance can lead to unwanted disasters. Manufacturers like Integrated provide only quality equipment, putting safety as their top most priority. Scheduled maintenance, field repairs and trouble shooting are all part and parcel of their services. Also, unlike any other manufacturer, Integrated Equipment also provides emergency maintenance. So for quality equipment and services, Integrated is the place.


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