Monday, 17 September 2012

Integrated Equipment - Ensuring Safety

Safety is always a major concern for all in the oil and gas industries. New innovations in the industry promise to simplify the whole process. A little more about these innovations are given below.
Did you know that the oil and gas industry employs more than 9.2 million people in the US? It also pays approximately $86 tax to the Federal Government daily. This is how big the oil and gas industry is. But these facts cannot shadow the risky nature of the oil drilling industry. The major risk that is involved in the process is that of a total blowout. There have been many incidents wherein the blowout preventers failed to control the blowouts, which lead to grave consequences. The flammable nature of oil did not make the matters any easy.
A renowned oil drilling company has come up with automated drilling process that is said to save time, money and energy. Known as SCADA, automating drilling will work in three stages. SCADA might be the future of oil drilling, but today, reliable oil drilling equipment manufacturers like Integrated Equipment are the best providers of a safe oil drilling experience.
Integrated Equipment is based in Houston, Texas. We boast of our expertise in the manufacturing, designing, and distributing of oilfield drilling equipment like expanding gate valves, wellhead equipment and annular blowout preventers. We serve the global market with cost effective and quality solutions. Integrated also offers a range of customized products, keeping in mind your requests and other factors like the geographical location where the product will be used.
We are also a major distributor of API 5CT and 5L couplings in US and other parts of the world. Our tubing and casing couplings in different sizes and grades range from 1.315”OD up to a 5.00” OD in J55/K55 and N80 and L80 grades. Some of the special features of our API 5 CT products are as follows:
          All our products like expanding gate valves and API 5 CT are ISO 9001 certified.
          We have stocking points worldwide.
          We also have a proven track for on time deliveries
          To ensure a greater quality and durability, our couplings have OD turned down.
          We have a team of experts for plating, painting, and the packaging processes.

We also have API 5CT Special Clearance tubing couplings that are modified and can be used for fitted seal rings.
As stated above, the oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the economy; hence, we need to take all the possible efforts to ensure safety.


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