Monday, 10 September 2012

Creating History

After the celebration of the 153rd anniversary of the first oil well in the world, the oil and gas industry has another reason to celebrate; UAE is set to open its first oil and gas museum and ADIPEC.
The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) will feature this exhibition and it will be open for all the days of the exhibition. Visitors will be able to understand the journey of oil drilling industry in UAE from discovery to production; a part of the 1928 to 2000s timeline.
The United States of America also boasts of such a museum, it is known as the Drake Well Museum. Located in Pennsylvania, the Drake Well Museum depicts the birth of the oil industry which took place in the 1859 in the US. A replica of the original oil well by Colonel Edward Drake is featured in this museum along with oil field equipment of those times.
The oilfield drilling equipment has had a total makeover since the first wellhead equipment invented. The Drake Well, the first ever known oil well in the world was drilled with the help of a salt well driller! With many trials and tribulations, that oil well did workout. However today, thanks to oilfield equipment manufacturer companies like Integrated Equipment oil drilling companies don't have to struggle much.
We, Integrated Equipment are based in Houston, Texas. We manufacture, design and distribute oil field drilling equipment right from wellhead equipment to pulsation dampeners. Our products are not only used in US but also in the other parts of the world. Integrated Equipment's products include a range of Ram and Annular Blowout Preventers, Pulsation Dampeners, Wellhead X Mas Tree Components, Expanding Gate Valves, FC Type Valves and related internal components. We can also develop tailor-made products to meet your specific needs.
At Integrated, we know the importance of safety when it comes to oil drilling equipment, and hence have adopted a zero-error technique for all our products. Blowout Preventers are critical element of any oil rig. Our blowout preventers, be it Ram or Annular, are made as per the requirements of API 16A; and our Pulsation Dampener Line Is ASME U and U2 Stamp encoded and carries CRN approval. We are also an ISO 9001 accredited company, hence you can be rest assured about the quality of our products.
The museum of UAE or USA, all denote the history of oilfield industry. It is now time to create new history about the progress of oil drilling industry, and to create history, we have to be well equipped! So, give a call to Integrated Equipment today, we are eager to partner you in creating of oil drilling history of tomorrow.


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