Friday, 6 July 2012

Integrated efforts towards research

Oil and gas industry is a very capital intensive industry. The requirements for maintenance are high with equipments like pulsation dampener, drilling dampener, blowout preventers, expanding gate valves, etc. Continuous research has to be adopted to reduce operating costs, and check safety of workers.
Research and development:
Integrated Equipment Inc., has a sharp focus on research for improving the complex processes and equipments. In an endeavour to broaden and strengthen existing relationships it becomes imperative that we strive to improve our products and manufacturing processes. R&D has helped us to increase our efficiencies and reduce rejections in manufacturing. It has improved our production process, the method of production, reduced machine time and has resulted into higher production rates. This had made it possible for us to provide our customers with competitive and superior products. R&D in our system and operating processes has resulted into better communication and leaner organization.
J.D Edwards system:
We have implemented the ERP system; J.D Edwards system at our manufacturing location. The business processes in the Oil and Gas industry are complex. This ERP solution has enhanced operations reliability. It has eliminated repetitive failures and damage of equipments. The implementation of this solution has improved product quality and consistency.
Design for interchangeability:
We design equipments that are interchangeable with similar components of the OEM brands. Though we have always strived to improve our designs, for better performance, simpler operations and greater reliability, we have always believed in designing for interchangeability and standardization. How has it made a difference for our clients? Well, it has made it easier for our clients to get the equipments serviced. It has further reduced the inventories of spare parts. The team at Integrated has a talented designers and engineers. Equipments like pulsation dampener, blowout preventer, well head equipments, drilling dampener all are interchangeable and standardized.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Our team conducts Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on all our products. This has helped us to come up with speedy development of new products and provide our clients with greater product reliability. We also have the ability to conduct design analysis of the clients’ requirements. This has made us come up with new equipments, custom made for our end users. Thus, we advise our end users with appropriate equipments.
Choosing products like pulsation dampener requires knowledge about pressure system, the system components, and the fluid characteristics. At Integrated Equipments we study and suggest the appropriate equipment for your specific application.


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