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Tracking system for oil field equipment

In a capital-intensive industry like the oil and gas industry, the tracking of oil field equipment like pulsation dampeners, wellhead equipment like X-mas Tree Caps, Tubing Head Adapters, Casing and Tubing, etc. is vital.  The downtime of these equipment will result into losses.
Maintaining and locating these equipment in an oilfield is a challenge. Traditional and manual ways for asset tracking have been employed, which are tedious and not accurate. In the past few years, many companies have started using GPS and the RFID method to track the location of the equipment. They provide operational benefits but they are not good enough as standalone technologies. Hybrid solutions such as web-based tracking have increased operational efficiencies. Many companies are using a combination of RFID, GPS along with hardware and software solutions to streamline their assets and manage the equipment on the field. Companies are depending increasingly on hybrid solutions where companies combine different technologies on one platform to cater to their unique requirements.
However, along with this, it is important that the equipment is certified according to industry standards. Integrated Equipment, Inc, based in Houston, Texas, designs, manufactures and distributes oil-drilling equipment, which meet API 16A requirements. Our manufacturing standards conform to ISO 9001 standards. Pulsation Dampeners are ASME U and U2 Stamp encoded, and are CRN approved.
All the wellhead equipment is manufactured under the Integrated Equipment’s API 6A license. Some of them are:
1)      X-mas Tree Cap is mounted on top of the X-mas tree, and provides access to the tree plug and hammer nut. Standard API-UP Tbg lift thread is provided in the body. The plug has a provision for mounting a pressure gauge to measure well pressure.
2)      Expanding Gate Valves combine the proven expanding gate design with close machining tolerances to provide a valve that seals under virtually all conditions. Below are the sizes and pressure ratings they are available in the following sizes and pressure ratings.
Pressure Ratings

Some of its features are:
  • Standard trims with F-1 seats            
  • Forged/cast body in alloy or stainless steel
  • Expanding gate provides positive sealing                     
  • Bolted bonnet for easy change out of internal parts
  • Conforms to API 6A                               
  • Trims available for sour gas applications
Integrated Equipment, Inc. also manufactures blowout preventers, both Ram and Annular. Each product has unique design features based on years of operational experience. The essence of our manufacturing process has always been our in-depth research. Our focus has always been customer satisfaction, thus making it one of the best oil well equipment manufacturers.


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A system comprising a piece of oilfield equipment, an identifier assembly and a reader. The piece of oilfield equipment has an exterior surface. The identifier assembly comprises an identification tag storing a unique identifier. The identification tag is capable of outputting a signal indicative of the unique identifier. The identification tag is mounted to the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment beyond an external surface perimeter of the piece of oilfield equipment such that the identification tag is isolated from the exterior surface of the piece of oilfield equipment. The reader has an antenna receiving the signal indicative of the unique identifier from the identification tag.

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oil field equipment

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