Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Those familiar with the terminology of drilling rig must know what a pulsation dampener is, but for others it might sound confusing. A pulsation dampener is actually a vessel, which is filled with gas, mostly Nitrogen. The main function of a pulsation dampener is to isolate the gas from the circuit liquid so as to avoid the loss of gas. The material used to separate the fluids is generally made of Nitrile and (NBR) and Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR). There are several other functions of a pulsation dampener besides from separating gas from fluid. Like for example, the extreme pressure that is discharged on the side of the positive displacement pumps can cause pulsations and fatigue failures that can cause failure of pipe supports, downstream pipe and other equipment. A pulsation dampener may also need to reduce the load on the main pump. It is also used for preventing damage of the pipe that can be caused due to vibration.
At Integrated Equipment, we manufacture drilling pulsation dampeners which have single piece construction and no girth welds. The inside surface is machined for smooth diaphragm movement. These diaphragms can be replaced without removing the unit from line. We also provide field replaceable top and plates so as to reduce downtime. Some of the other features provided by Integrated Equipment’s pulsation dampener would be the diaphragm equipped with stabilizer to eliminate possible folding and entrapment of fluids resulting in increased diaphragm life. We manufacture these models; IE-10-3000, IE-10-5000, IE-20-3000, IE-20-5000 and IE-20-7500.
Production pulsation dampeners are also manufactured by Integrated Equipment, which are compact in design, and require no external support structure. To keep the fluid in the diaphragm, we have isolated the body cavity. Nitrile (NBR) and Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) diaphragms are standard. We have production pulsation dampeners from size range 1 gallon to 20 gallons. The charging valve assembly is fully enclosed and protected. All rubber components supplied with Integrated Equipment pulsation dampeners as original equipment and / or furnished as replacement parts are under Integrated Equipment’s design and quality control and carry Integrated Equipment’s standard manufacturer’s warranty.
It is very important to select the right type of pulsation dampener, only the manufacturer who has the thorough knowledge of the bits and parts of a pulsation dampener, like Integrated Equipment can provide the best service in the industry. All products manufactured here at Integrated Equipment are accredited per ISO 9001. Another specialty of pulsation dampeners produced by Integrated Equipment is that, the bodies for both, drilling pulsation dampener and production dampener are protected by heavy duty impact and resistant protective covers. We provide our customers with scheduled as well as emergency maintenance for all products. Integrated can also recondition and/or remanufacture any size of valve, wellhead equipment, control system, actuator and so on. Integrated Equipment’s products are used all over the world, so whenever and wherever you need any of the oil drilling equipment, we will be at your service.


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