Monday, 27 February 2012

Elastomer Products – Pipe Wipers

There is a huge range of elastomer products that are put to use in different industries. Like for example, in the automobile industry, elastomer products like ball joints and anti-vibration mounts are used. Annular blowout preventer packing unit, annular blowout seal kits, ram blowout spare parts, pipe wipers, wiper cutter assembly, drill pipe protector, tong and elevator straps and aero union tubes are some of the Elastomer products used in the oil drilling industry.
To begin with, pipe wiper is not a pipe or has nothing to do with a pipe. It is in fact a device shaped like disk, which is generally made of rubber and has a hole in the center. The function of a pipe wiper is quite easy to understand. A pipe wiper is used for getting rid of oil or any other liquid, when the fluid is being extracted from the wellbore. A pipe wiper is generally used during the regular maintenance repair process.
Different types of rubber are used to make pipe wipers. Drill pipe wiper has to be made of specially designed rubber, as it has to have the capacity to sustain the tremendous pressure, abrasion and tearing. The kind of rubber to be used depends on the purpose of the pipe wiper. At Integrated Equipment, we use proprietary engineered rubber compound to make pipe wipers. The material we use for making the pipe wipers is resistant to both oil-based drilling and water. The wear and tear properties of this compound, makes it resistant to tearing, abrasion and cutting.
The three types of pipe wipers that are manufactured by Integrated Equipment are regular dual wipers, type F wipers and split dual wipers. The regular dual wipers are quite easy to install. They provide flexible and double wiping action on drill strings where oversize tool joint and pipe protectors are used. We make use of steel reinforcing rings to prevent collapse.
Split dual wipers manufactured by us are used on the drills which have a solid master bushing. Our split dual wipers are installed in tear-proof sloths which can easily cut through the outer edge of the wiper, so that it becomes easy to install. The type F wipers are designed for drilling and workover rigs which do not have much room below the master bushing.
All types of pipe wipers manufactured by Integrated Equipment are resistant to water and oil-based mud, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the Pipe wipers for a long time. Integrated Equipment not only manufactures oil drilling equipment, it also provides quality after-service including emergency servicing. Under field services we also do onsite inspections and re-certifications. Every kind of technical need that can be needed in case of any of Integrated Equipment’s products will be provided at any hour.


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