Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Save big bucks by investing in Drill pipe protectors

         Drill Pipe Protector      
A drill pipe is a 30-33 feet long and sturdy steel pipe. The length, height and weight of a drill might differ, however in most cases the height does not exceed 33 feet. As stated above, a drill pipe is used for extracting oil from wellbores. The structure of drill pipe is hollow from within, which makes it easier to extract oil from the wellbore without getting stuck to the pipe. Threaded ends are joined to a drill pipe, which are then known as tool joints. These help connect the top drilling equipment to the bottom drilling equipment of the rig. A drilling pipe is a component of a drilling string. A drilling string consists of some other components like drill bit, drill collars and so on. If the drill pipe has to be replaced due to wear and tear or subsurface rock, the entire drilling string has to be re-surfaced and then send for repair. The drill pipe itself is quite expensive, which is why drill pipe protectors are essential.
Drill pipe protectors, also known as casing protectors and drill pipe rubbers, not only protect the drill pipe from wear and tear, but also cause minimal vibrations in the entire drill string. Friction is often created between drill pipe and casing, a drill pipe protector helps reduce this friction, thus increasing the durability of the drill pipe. Drill pipe protectors save drilling time and money. As drill pipe protector is an elastomer product, the use of quality rubber is important. In fact, drill pipes are made of rubber sleeves and are enclosed in steel cages. Drill pipe protectors that are made of rubber have quite a low friction coefficient. A good drill pipe protector is the one that can sustain high temperatures, has low oil-absorption quality and is resistant to chemicals.
Various manufactures of oil drilling equipment manufacture their versions of drill pipe protector, with specially added features. At Integrated Equipment we manufacture Drill pipe protectors which are easy to install. Smooth style drill pipe protector and fluted style drill pipe are the two types manufactured by us.
As aforementioned, drilling pipes are quite expensive, it is therefore necessary to well-maintain these equipment by following regular maintenance schedules, making sure that casing I.D hasn’t worn out from drill string as the drill pipes are susceptible to damage; and using quality drill pipe protectors. At Integrated Equipment we not only provide quality products but also assist you with regular and emergency maintenance. All the E Ram bop lastomer products manufactured by Integrated Equipment are accredited as per ISO 9001, and providing only quality products is our motto, so one does not have to worry about quality with Integrated Equipment’s products. We also inspect, test or recertify all our products as and when needed.


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