Monday, 20 August 2012

Be Safe, Be With Us

The Indian Government is contemplating on giving a statutory status to the Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD). The function of OISD  is to formulate safety measures for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The purpose of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to form OISD was to improve safety in the Oil and Gas Industry. It carries safety audits on the Oil and Gas installations, and also forms standard procedures and guidelines for the design, operation and maintenance of the installations. The formation of OISD has benefited the industry to a very large extent. The safety issues are not simple for the industry as they involve lot of research. The procedures, methods in the industry, the handling and installation of equipment, are complex and risky. Hazards not only result in human loss, but they affect the environment adversely in the case of oil spills. There is always a potential risk involved, and negligence can result into a fire and explosion due to accidental release of flammable hydrocarbons. 

Oil well equipment like wellhead equipment, pulsation dampener, blowout preventers, etc. play important roles in the Oil and Gas Industry. The quality standard is of prime concern since the equipment hold the safety of the oil well with them. Integrated Equipment understands the gravity of the concern and manufactures oil-well equipment that are thoroughly engineered, researched, evaluated, reviewed and tested to the highest standards of excellence.  We use materials that meet or exceed API and ASME standards. All wellhead equipment are manufactured under Integrated Equipment's API 6A license. 

Our Pulsation Dampener Line is ASME U and U2 Stamp encoded and carries CRN approval. We continuously review our existing products so that we can keep improving on them. This leads to better performance and simpler operations. Due to the standards that we maintain and our endeavor to improve continuously, we are trusted by our clients. Our clients like to approach only us as we have Certified Professional Engineers on staff to assist in product engineering calculations, verifications of product development data, conducting Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and helping them to maintain compliance on our ASME and API certifications.
Our consistent improvement in our performance has lead to the exponential growth of our products over the years. What has guided us through this growth is our principle of being responsive to the customer. When you approach Integrated Equipment, we make sure that you get only the best.


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