Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Oil and Gas Industry-Vital for Growth of an Economy

The oil and gas industry has played a vital role in boosting the American economy. All industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, and even the service industry depend on it directly or indirectly.
Furthermore, the American oil and gas industry has played a major role in the economy's recovery by giving substantial investment, and creating direct and indirect jobs. Also, various oil and gas companies paid heavy duty taxes.
Yet, this industry is often targeted, and higher taxes are imposed at various levels. Adding to this are stringent regulatory regimes and other unending barriers for oil and gas production both onshore and offshore.
This does not affect the oil and gas companies and they continue to do the needful in extracting oil. There are other companies supporting these companies by providing world class equipment for extraction of oil and gas from the rigs. One of the leading companies in this field is Integrated Equipment.
Based in Houston, Texas, USA, we serve the oil and gas industries worldwide. We design, manufacture, and distribute equipment used in the drilling and production of oil and gas. Our standard products include Ram and Annular Blowout Preventers, Pulsation Dampeners, Well Head Equipment, Expanding Gate Valves, FC Type Gate Valves, and Related Internal Components. Integrated Equipment is a trusted brand among major and independent oil companies in USA and the world over.
We are a preferred choice amongst our customers because we provide them with flexible and cost effective products in the industry. All our products have unique design features due to years of experience in this trade. Our quality standards conform to and are accredited as per ISO 9001. Here a few of our major products. 
All our wellhead products are manufactured under Integrated Equipment’s API 6A License. We provide Tubing Head and Spools, Casing and Tubing Hanger Components, Tubing Head Adaptor, Studded Tees and Crosses, Xmas Tree Caps, Expanding Gate Valves, FC Type Gate Valves.
Pulsation Dampener
Our pulsation dampener line is ASME U and U2 Stamp encoded and carries CRN approval. The models we manufacture include IE-10-3000, IE-10-5000, IE-20-3000, IE-20-5000 and IE-20-7500.

Blowout Preventers
Blowout preventers manufactured by us are compact in size. They can seal reliably seal on almost any preventer, regardless of shape or size. It also has a strong and simple construction. The types of BOPs that we manufacture are Annular BOPs, 7 1/16” Single and Double RAM BOP, 9” Single and Double RAM BOP, 11” Single and Double RAM BOP, 13 5/8” Single and Double, and BOP Hydraulic Control Systems.
These were just some types of equipment that we manufacture. We also manufacture a range of other equipment vital for oil and gas extraction. To know more, get in touch with us today!


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