Monday, 27 August 2012

Equipped to Succeed

The Texas oil and gas industry has been seeing a boom in the last decade. This is a great opportunity, not only for investors, but also oilfield equipment manufacturers. 
The Permian Basin, a large oil and gas producing area in West Texas, USA; was once seen as a dead area, resulting from an oil glut that led to a huge decline in oil prices in 1982.
But times change. And situations do improve. Today, after a decade of modest drilling opportunities, the basin is seeing a boom in oil well and gas drilling. This is thanks to the huge demands of oil and new drilling techniques and oilfield equipment coming to the fore.
Oil corporations and companies are drilling deeper to uncover oil and gas reserves that were once difficult to reach. There are now more than 155,000 wells producing oil and gas in the basin. Investors and experts are looking at anywhere from $2.5 to $3 billion a month in revenues.
The demand for oil will also lead to a rise in the demand for oilfield equipment in the USA. Oil companies will need equipment that are strong, durable, and can withstand a large amount of pressure and workload.
Integrated Equipment offers a range of pressure and flow control equipment for the oil and gas industry. Based in Houston, Texas, we emphasize on service; providing high quality and cost effective solutions that will meet client demands.
Our product range includes Ram and Annular Blowout Preventers, Pulsation Dampeners, Wellhead XMas Tree Components, Expanding Gate Valves, FC Type Valves, and other internal components. We also build custom products for special client requirements.
Our constant efforts in research and development, product design, and product engineering, are the reasons behind our immense success. We continually conduct research to give our products a competitive edge. Thanks to these efforts, we are improving our manufacturing methodologies, reducing our machining times, and increasing production rates.
Our products are highly regarded in the oil and gas industry for their reliability and durability. They are engineered and evaluated, meeting the highest standards of excellence. Our materials meet or exceed API and ASME standards. Our engineers review and make continual improvements by conducting Finite Element Analysis, leading to better product performance and output.
Our products are designed to be easily interchangeable with components from various OEM brands. We make immense efforts to improve our products' performance, operations, thus increasing their reliability. This helps our clients to reduce their spare parts inventories and also avail our product field servicing services.
The success of the oil and gas industry depends on strong, reliable equipment that meet world standards. Look to Integrated Equipment for the best oilfield equipment and timely, reliable service.


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